Movie Night Opens First Jewish Multimedia Library
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM February, 23 – A new milestone was reached with the addition of the Wohl-Turetsky Multimedia section to the European Jewish Library. Home to a vast collection of films and audio recordings, the new section brings interactive information on Jews and Judaism to the European public for the first time.

The dedication event began with the official opening of the new section, followed by a buffet dinner with donors and friends.

After dinner, guests were invited to view a screening of the award-winning film “Left Luggage”, the story of a secular Jewish girl who is employed by a Hassidic family. As their relationship develops, the characters discover fears and biases brought on by the recent Holocaust—and realize ways to grow from and with one another as one Jewish people.

The new multimedia library is dedicated in loving memory of Sheilah Wohl, Sara Rivka bat Yosef.

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