Matzah Shipped to 32 Countries

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Jews in 32 countries celebrated Passover with handmade Shemurah Matzah mailed to them by Bassad, a support organization for Jewish communities in Europe.

Now in its fifth year, the Matzah program allows nearly 45,000 people in 175 communities to eat the traditionally-baked Matzahs at their seders, many for the first time in their lives. The Matzahs arrive in specially-designed gift boxes that hold up to 3 individual “Kezayit-sized” matzahs, the measurement prescribed in the Haggadah.

The recipient communities’ warm and encouraging response mirrors the great challenge that is felt every year to maintain the Jewish holidays and strengthen the communal Jewish identity.

Bassad sends holiday packages and publications several times a year to countries from Portugal to Estonia and more than 30 other countries and Jewish communities in Europe and abroad.

The holiday package program and publications are supported by the Matanel Foundation, a dedicated partner of Bassad and the European Jewish Development Fund in building Jewish communities.